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Welcome to the Schell's Armour Works! On this site you will find my market place with my series of Poser models for sale, links to my freebies, plus news on upcoming models, pics and works in progress, and much more!

     I am pleased to announce my Annual Anniversary Sale will begin November 1st/2014 and will run for the entire month of November! All items in my store will be priced at 50% off to celebrate yet another great year of business so comeon in and join the celebration! Please note that the reduced price will be shown at time of Check-out when you begin your purchases but are not shown on the product pages in the store. Rest assured that you will indeed receive the correct 50% off price when you purchase an item!




Coming soon... The New and Improved Schell's Armour Works!  It seems we've out-grown the current site layout and template and need to make some changes. I'm currently working on a new site and various improvements that I'm hoping will translate to a better experience for you, my valued customers. Rest assured that the work on the new site will not affect the current sale or your shopping experience, I'm working to make the transition seamless so that you will not see any delays in your purchases. Keep an eye on my site here for announcements on the Grand Opening of the new and improved Schell's Armour Works!

Customers Please Note:  After purchase, please click the link to return to my site on your payment confirmation page to complete your purchase and begin your download. This link calls up the download window so you can receive your product... if you have any issues with your download please contact me and I will make every effort to ensure that it is resolved promptly... Your satisfaction is my highest priority!


The Armouries
 will contain all of the items for sale from my "Legends of Cheledonia" collection of Poser models. These models are based on my very own sketches and creations, made for an RPG that I've been writing and play testing for over 4 years. Along with my other Fantasy items and extras!

The Proving Grounds will house the market for all of my Military Items and extras, here you will find everything the military and history enthusiast needs for that perfect historical render!


The SkunkWorks Now houses my ever expanding line of Sci-Fi Mecha and Vehicles, plus Scene Props and much, much more! Brought to you by Schell Heavy Industries...



The Barracks Now Opened! Home to our new Anime Girl Kristin, a stand-alone anime styled figure for Poser. Here you'll find the main Freebie Figure and all of her accessories!




The Honour Wall Now Opened! Submit your renders to us for display in our new User Render Galleries!




And lastly, feel free to Contact Us to give feedback on models, requests, or to provide information on problems and concerns. Also please see my Site EULA in this area. I hope you enjoy your visit to my site and that you find my models both useful and enjoyable... Happy rendering!

Note: All of my freebie items are hosted on Sharecg and a site membership is required to download them. Site membership is free for sharecg and will not cost the user anything but the time needed to sign up! As well as gaining access to my freestuff, a membership will give you access to a huge and ever growing reasource of 3d models and odds and ends which can be a great bennefit to the 3d modeller or artist... (I am not responsible for any content on sharecg other than my own freebies)... Find them here!